Air Shower

Air showers are specialized antechambers which personnel need to pass through before entering cleanrooms in order to decontaminate. This is done so by clearing off dust and dirt particles from bodies of cleanroom personnel to minimize contamination of equipment or products. HEPA filters are generally used in air shower units to filter out particles greater than 0.3 micrometers in size

Product Description

型號 Model ASD-34S ASD-35S ASD-36S ASD-39S
外部尺寸 Extemal DIM
WxDxH (mm)
1300x1200x2150 1300x1500x2150 1300x2000x2150 1300x2800x2150
內部尺寸 Inner DIM
W1xD1xH1 (mm)
800x1100x2000 800x1400x2000 800x1900x2000 800x2700x2000
Air Velocity (m/s)
換氣數 (回/Hr)
Air Circulation (times/hr)
545 482 631 500
噴嘴數量 Nozzle 16 18 32 36
材質結構 Construction  Cold rolled painting stainless steel
照明 Lighting  T5 14Wx1 T5 14Wx1 T5 14Wx2 T5 14Wx2
集塵效率 Efficiency   Over 99.99% 0.3μm D.O.P Test
HEPA Size     610x610x70 610x610x70 610x610x70 610x610x70
Quantity 2 2 4 4
鋁門 Door  陽極處理手動鋁門 5mm 玻璃附自動門弓器
Extruded Anodized Aluminum door with 5 mm thick glass and hydraulic door closers.
功能 Function 1.門禁確認自動檢查 Enterance Control
2.Inter Lock 自動連鎖控制 Inter Lock
Power consumption
 0.6 KW x 2set 0.6 KW x 2set 0.6 KW x 4set 0.6 KW x 4set

※ 特殊尺寸或規格可依客戶需求製作。
※ Special dimension can be customized.

Detail Description