Beikin Technology was founded by a number of founded more than a decade of experience in the industry professionals, uphold high-quality, high standards of manufacturing various types of air-conditioning and clean room with air filters and related equipment.

We put into the field of clean air, clean sterile air at room and high-tech industries and medical institutions in the industry, will provide you with the most professional, most rapid and most honest service.

Cleanroom air filter series

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter:Mini Pleat Panel Type, Disposable Standard Capacity Filter Unit, Room Side Replaceable Filter Unit, V-Bank Standard Capacity Filter.

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Air Filter, W-Pre Disposable Pleated Air Filter, Extended Surface Bag Filter, Salt Proof Air Filter, Chemical Filter-Remove, High Pressure Filter-Filters For Air -Compressors.

Cleanroom ecialized equipment series manufacturing

Fan Filter Unit, Air Shower, Pass Box, Pressure Relief Damper, Clean Bench, Clean Booth Station, Bio-Hazard Satety Cabineth, Operating room HFU, Material Series.